Welcome Summer Party! 30th of June 2012

Welcome Summer Party

30 de junio 2012

From 11 pm to 2 am

Free bar of sangría and tap beer: 15 Euros

Where:      Penélope Lounge

Calle Hilarión Eslava, 34

28015 Madrid

Tube station: Moncloa

You can buy your tickets at estiempodefiesta.es office by cash (Address: C/Núñez Morgado, 5
Metro: Plaza Castilla)or through paypal (socialprogram@estiempodefiesta.es).

Last day to book and pay your ticket at a discounted price (Tickets at entrance cost 18 Euros) will be 27th of June.

Should you rather pay by cash at the office, please email Isa first at socialprogram@estiempodefiesta.es or give her a ring on 654 98 63 45 to check when can you pop at their office.

Come and join us! We would love to see you!


2 Comments on “Welcome Summer Party! 30th of June 2012”

  1. Y seguimos la fiesta en Copernico (c/ Fdez. de los Ríos 67 )
    entrada gratuita y copas a 6€!!

    We’ll continue the party al Copernico (c/ Fdez. de los Ríos 67 )
    Free entrance and spirits 6€!!

  2. Let me know if you would like me to perform at this event:-)
    Does Penelope Lounge have a microphone, stage, or live DJ?

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